Service Description

The Verification Service is different from Universal and Validation Service, because in Verification Package the whole valuation process will be conducted by Licensed Appraiser, who is qualified (as per results of examination from official bodies) to assess intellectual property and intangible assets.

We have a team of exceptionally skilled, licensed surveyors with years of experience in intellectual property surveying. Our experts pride ourselves on delivering of high quality and transparent IP-valuation services. We comply with not only local but also with International Valuation Standards.

# Details Package #1 (UNIVERSAL) Package #2 (VALIDATION) Package #3 (VERIFICATION)
1 Online calculation of value of IP-asset on the London-Rate web-site X X
2 Receiving Valuation Report based on automated online calculations, that can be used for investors, partners, etc. X X
3 Checking the real legal status of user (person or company details) X X
4 Offline valuation procedure with analysis, professional study of all economic, legal, financial and other matters of valued IP-Asset X
5 Receiving signed by Licensed Appraiser valuation report, that can be used for accounting records and other legal and financial objectives X

The price quotation for Verification Service will be prepared and send to user's e-mail after registration on London-Rate website and applying for VERIFICATION Package.